Dentists get into Medical Kidnapping

Is Medical Kidnapping now spreading to the dental profession?

Parents all over social media are in an uproar over a letter posted by a Pennsylvania mother from her children’s dentist office. Smiles4Keeps Pediatric Dentistry sent a letter to a mother threatening to call Child Protective Services if she did not schedule a dental appointment for her child.

The dental office staff has responded to the post and comments with a post of their own, defending their actions as being their legal obligation. Instead of quieting public fears, the response appears even more disturbing to parents, who are accusing the dental office of “bullying,” and “blackmail.”

Here is the letter posted on Facebook that Trey Hoyumpa allegedly received in the mail on March 19, 2018, from the Bartonsville, Pennsylvania, Smiles4Keeps office:

Dental Office Responds


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  1. Ain’t this crazy??? A few weeks go in the U.S. a child was removed from her parents because they refused to give her sex-change hormones.

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