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Voluntary wiretaps.

Source: Voluntary wiretaps.

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High altitude common sense.

It’s not about whether people who consider themselves “transgender” have equal individual rights under the Constitution. It’s about the right and responsibility of the military to conduct itself, and the right of the Commander-in-Chief — the U.S. President — to … Continue reading

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Porretto on cultural marxism

After undertaking a brief, informal survey, I concluded that (much to my surprise) Antonio Gramsci’s call for “cultural hegemony” – i.e., his exhortation to Marxists to undertake a campaign of conquest of the West’s systems of education, information, and culture … Continue reading

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When you push whites too far

Originally posted on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar:
Someone’s seen this classic. What’s the opposite of white guilt? Whatever it is, America had it, once. They literally invent new forms of war every time you fuck with them. European Civil…

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Jeff Sessions: Wildly Wrong on Civil Asset Forfeiture

Originally posted on International Liberty:
Because America’s Founding Fathers properly wanted to protect citizens from government abuse, the Constitution has several provisions (presumption of innocence, ban on warrantless searches, right to jury trial, 5th Amendment protection against self-incrimination, etc) to…

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Look What Trump Just Parked In California After Governor Tough-Talked Him To Keep Illegals

Heh! Don’t mess with the Boss.

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Study Blows ‘Greenhouse Theory’ Out Of The Water – CA Extends Cap And Trade, Prevent ‘Climate Change’

Heh! No greenhouse gases in my pressure cooker, you’ll spoil the soup.

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