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Do we even have a nation anymore? — American Partisan

A quick Google search defines a nation as “a large body of people united by common descent, history, culture, or language, inhabiting a particular country or territory.” Oxford defines a nation as “a country considered as a group of people … Continue reading

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The Secret of the Family Farm — Council of European Canadians

by Frank Hilliard Most city dwellers think farmers are farmers because they like farming. And while it’s true they are close to nature, and do enjoy some of it, that’s not why they endure long hours, personal hardship and back-breaking … Continue reading

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The Squad vs. Trump: We Already Have the Winner — American Greatness.

Those who portray President Trump as some kind of Vulcan who plans his moves like he plays three-dimensional chess have probably never met my old boss, let alone worked closely with him and seen how he actually makes key decisions. … Continue reading

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Unspeakable? Why? — Liberty’s Torch

WARNING!Rough Language Ahead!Send the kiddies out of the room! Nearly fifty years ago, a great jurist, Associate Justice John Marshall Harlan, decided that it was critical to make an important point about freedom of speech…by saying fuck in an open … Continue reading

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Study: no evidence of global warming

Originally posted on Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar:

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Righteous Authority ……..

Originally posted on Freedom Is Just Another Word…:
Righteous Authority  July 12 “When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice; But when a wicked man rules, the people groan” (Prov. 29:2, NKJV).

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Q-day: The Storm has come.

I always see lots of r/K related stories I think might interest the readers here, but I only have time to blog about a few, so here are some additional news stories that might be of interest. You can skim … Continue reading

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