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Dinosaur Hunting

Wednesday, January 25, 2017 End the Media Posted by Daniel Greenfield 3 Comments Last week the media lost its mind over reports that press briefings might be moved from the White House back to the Eisenhower Office Building next door … Continue reading

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More fake news exposed. Check out the clock tower on the right, midway up. The show was long over.

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Whatever happened to logic?

Here’s a good question from Elizabeth Smiley at American Thinker. …How can you use the very same expressions you claim are so bothersome?  It defies logic. The were many signs about science at the womyn’s march, yet those same people … Continue reading

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Women’s Rights are Human Rights, and Islam Respects Neither

Originally posted on The Unveiled Feminist:
On Saturday, hundreds of thousands of women and men converged on Washington to protest the democratic election of Donald Trump, and his barely-begun presidency. Many wore what they called a “pussyhat.” Western-style pussyhat: The hat…

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The Long Civil War

Zman John Derbyshire was the first person I heard use the phrase “cold civil war” to describe the culture war in American society and politics. His argument, if I recall correctly, is that the Civil War may have ended, but a … Continue reading

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Donald Trump: What’s in it for Him? (NEWSMAX) by DrHurd

To listen to the protestors in the streets or the self-anointed media elites on MSNBC or CNN, you’d think President Donald Trump was the second coming of Adolf Hitler. On many levels (including the facts of history) nothing could be … Continue reading

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Being Ignored Can Be a Blessing, by Robert Gore

Originally posted on STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC:
Billions of people around the globe would like Americans to put America first. The largest infrastructure project in the world is China’s One Belt, One Road (OBOR) initiative, often referred to as the New…

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Libertarian Humor: Everything You Need to Know about Statism in One Image

Originally posted on International Liberty:
When trying to educate people about the superiority of free enterprise over statism, I generally show them long-run data comparing market-oriented jurisdictions with those that have state-driven economies. Here are some of my favorite examples.…

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Idiots …

Source: Idiots … MaddMedic

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The grid, in practice.

Originally posted on The Grey Enigma:
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