Las Vegas Massacre #2

The Price of Liberty

By Nathan Barton

As I said in part 1, war came to the streets of America again this weekend. In a way far more familiar to much of the rest of the world than such things as the Orlando or Columbine or Nashville church events are to Americans.  (Indeed, the butcher’s bill in Nevada might even have been a bad day in Mesopotamia or Syria.)

Again, my prayers are for the families and survivors of the Las Vegas Massacre.  And I recognize the courage of those, whether in uniform or not, who tried to protect others.

In the first commentary on this, I considered why the murderer did this evil deed. And how he could have developed into the monster he was.

Now let us consider how he did this, and whether or not anything can be done to keep this from happening again. Beyond trying to raise new…

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VIDEO The Left Is Still Freaking Out About Betsy DeVos Because School Choice Is An Existential Threat

Reclaim Our Republic

The Left Is Still Freaking Out About Betsy DeVos Because School Choice Is An Existential ThreatBetsy DeVos frightens the heebiejeebies out of the Left because her marquee policy—school choice—uncovers their intellectual and moral bankruptcy.

Sept 8, 2017 By Joy Pullmann

Betsy DeVos’s tenure as U.S. education secretary, like Trump’s arrival in the White House, has occasioned existential panic among the Left. It’s a bit confusing, as she hasn’t done anything yet but visit schools and convene meetings, and her policy positions are decidedly mainstream, both among Republicans and the general public. Like DeVos, majorities of Americans think private schools provide a better education than do public schools, and support school choice in various forms.

Although their personalities couldn’t be more different, both DeVos and Trump seem to embody a sort of Rorschach blot signifying doom to the Left. There’s some legitimacy to this panic. As leader of a colossal failure of a federal bureaucracy (which is saying a lot), DeVos can do little to benefit…

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So You Received A Free Copy Of The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics…

So You Received A Free Copy Of The Evolutionary Psychology Behind Politics…


So you received a free book, and ended up here because you were curious. You may not have understood why the book came, so I wanted to write a note to clarify why it was sent.

I am an American conservative. I believe the promotion of the idea within this book will aid the conservative cause, and thus the cause of freedom and the pursuit of greatness in my country and in Europe, so I wish to see it promoted.

I also believe other nations would benefit immensely from the promotion of this idea. I hope after reading my arguments, you will forward the book upward, with an eye to the benefits of pulling what strings you can to promote the work yourself throughout America, Europe, and the rest of the world.

It is my belief you are probably a very forward-looking, strategically-minded individual who loves your country. Given that, I imagine that you must be watching the rise of cowardice in Europe and the rest of the world with extreme concern for several reasons.

First of course, is the suicidal embrace of radical Islamic migration. If allowed to succeed, and Muslims end up in control of European governments, that could lead to Russia standing opposite a first-world European nation taken over by Muslims, armed with first world nuclear weapons, controlling first world intelligence services and military technologies, and in at least some nations, led by radical Muslim Imams. The “moderate” Muslims always submit before the most radical, so that is a very likely end state condition, given current trends.

One misunderstanding with a Muslim in a Muslim region like Chechnya, and Russia could have a domestic insurgency fomented by that first-world European war/intelligence-machine being waged on its own soil, using techniques such as those used in Beslan or the Dubrovka Theater. Clearly that heads to a World War throughout Europe, and all the horrors of such an endeavor.

Let the conflict become inflamed enough, and with radical Muslims, it is not impossible they could launch a nuclear war with first world nuclear weapons, intending to make martyrs of their own nations, as they destroy as much of Russia proper and kill as many Russians as possible, before Russia destroys them and the rest of Europe in the counter-attack. To the Muslims, with their tendency toward suicide bombings, the doctrine of Mutually Assured Destruction is no deterrent to nuclear deployment.

The second point of concern must be the animus these cowardly leftists bear for Russia, in both Europe and America. That will also tend to push the world toward World War. It must be puzzling why a traitorous/cowardice mindset which will sell its own people out to foreign radical Muslim rapists and criminals, would not be willing to, or even prefer to, sell its people out to more morally noble Russian foreigners, but the book actually explains that.

Russians are, in the language of the book, K-selected wolves. They are loyal to their own pack (people), courageous, and moral as they seek to compete honestly for limited resources in the world. The Muslims are r-strategist rabbits, cowardly rapists and sexual predators, seeking ease and free resources for themselves as they flee from any real danger. Where they fight for Islam, they are really fighting for their own entrance to the ultimate paradise of virgins and delicacies, rather than selflessly dying for loyalty and morals, like true warriors. The cowardly r-strategists of the left will always associate with r-strategists, and view K-strategists as enemies.

This also explains why as the European cowards align with the r-strategist migrants described in the book, the K-selected warriors in Europe and America feel an affinity for the K-strategists of Russia. Whether coward and courageous, evil and good, or rabbit and wolf, the evolutionary forces described in r/K Theory in biology are what drive almost all of psychology and history.

It is my hope that as an intelligent and patriotic warrior, you have already concluded that the cowards of Europe and America are a clear threat to the peaceful state of the world, and thus you have decided it is in your interest, and your people’s interests that the more warrior-like psychologies of these nations prevail over the cowards.

I know you obviously would never intervene in the political affairs of other nations for reasons of honestly and integrity, nor would I ever encourage any form of political interference in any nation by any foreigner. However I was hoping our interests would align with respect to the promotion of the idea within this book into the intellectual sphere throughout the globe. Spreading truth is apolitical.

Spread r/K Theory, and it will imbue the people of Europe and America with a K-selected nature resistant to Islam and a fondness and respect for the K-strategists of other nations. If you are not in American or Europe, it might even drift into your own culture and fortify the loyal K-selected virtues in your people as well, marginalizing your own traitorous r-strategist minority even further.

So my appeal is that perhaps should you and your friends see an opportunity to advance the world’s exposure to the idea of r/K Theory, you might use your considerable power and influence to do so, and in so doing help defeat the suicidal and dangerously stupid ideology of the cowards in our societies. It appears to me a very low-cost, high-gain proposition, from an operational standpoint. It costs nothing to spread, there is no risk of conflict or blowback, and it is almost guaranteed to change western minds, as well as your own people’s minds in a way that is of benefit to all K-strategists.

My perception is that the book is presently hampered in its ability to spread through the west because the r-strategists control most of the machinery needed to help it spread at maximum velocity. Academia, the mass media, the Democrat party, internet information companies, even the Republican establishment all tend to be r-selected due to the free resource availability they enjoy.

As a result they all either prefer cowardice, or seek the oppression of the grassroots warriors to maintain their own control. As President Trump’s election battle against his own party’s establishment has shown, even the establishment right’s media in America has few K-selected morals or virtue – only a crass desire to protect their own power to keep their free resource buffet flowing. They would even destroy President Trump, import foreigners, and start a war with Russia, simply to cement their own hold on power and the machinery of government. As a result of their rabbitry, there are few in the media or establishment political machinery in America which wish to help spread this.

Those media, academia, and establishment r-strategists who hate r/K Theory are all also enemies of K-strategists such as yourself as well. Damage their interests, and you empower the grassroots warriors which respect your own support for Christianity, morality, and loyalty to your own. Clearly the r-strategists in power all fear r/K Theory, and want to suppress its spread through our cultures for a reason. In politics, you can tell what your enemy fears most by what they try to suppress.

I am sure there are media and public information machinery you could locate that are not controlled by such r-strategist forces and thus might be more open to the idea, and perhaps the spread of it there might force the discussion of it by the greater number of r-strategists in the media and academic machinery. Once that discussion is forced upon them, it will have to be taught in schools, and at that point the battle is won. Young people cannot be exposed to this idea without being changed.

Advance of r/K Theory in academia will damage the ability of the r-strategists to trap young minds throughout the world. Students, taught that r/K is the origin of the battles in our civilizations, will naturally want to be the loyal, K-selected wolves, and they will be repelled by the weak and immoral r-selected rabbits. Once so programmed, the r-strategists will be seen as an evil force to be resisted and fought.

So my appeal is, please consider the benefits to your own interests, should this idea spread throughout the West, and begin to bring Europe and America back from the brink of the r-selected disaster which is presently approaching. If the benefits are sufficient, and the costs low enough, perhaps you could begin to seed it in the world where it can take root, and force the discussion of it wherever it is possible.

Thank you for your time, and I hope you enjoy the book.

Spread r/K Theory, because it is in everyone’s interest

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The War On Reality

Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away.

–Philip K. Dick

That is a popular aphorism on the Dissident Right, because it stands in stark contrast to the dominant ideology of our age. The people who rule over us are committed to the belief that says reality will yield to wishful thinking. In fact, they deny reality exists as an objective, measurable thing. That’s where the idea of social construct arises. Our betters are sure that what we foolishly perceive as reality is just an illusion, an artifact of cultural conditioning. If they can convince enough people of this, then observable reality changes.

This is the true divide in the West and why BoomerCons, BuckleyCons, Libertarians and Civic Nationalists are in the same ideological set as Progressives. They accept these assumptions about reality, just with some reservations. The Dissident Right, in contrast, rejects this entirely. Reality, particularly biological reality, is transcendent and independent of human observation. The world as we observe it is quantifiable and measurable. More important, it is largely immune to any tinkering we can do in the short run.

Read more: The War On Reality

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Good News!!!

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Video: James Fallon, psychopathy and the dead amygdala

Epigenetics is still genetic.

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

Is this an old drum? Yes, it’s made of human skin. Deal with it.

We’re going into virgin ground, it’s going to be creepy. You’re used to it with me, with me, the questions get asked and nobody can say I’m braindead, at least. We’re trying, here.

Cut to 14 minutes in if you already know who this is.
Limbic system generally, deep cortex, and the amygdala structure referenced first.

This is intentional. From a lecturer, order matters.

Reader, pretending to care:

“It’s not something you can get used to”
louder for the naive psychopath worshipers at the back.
You cannot train it, it’s dead.
“It’s, it’s – The first part that develops, the cortex, in an infant”
“Before puberty: They’re full of emotion, or full of- morality.”

You might note similarities in the way he expresses himself, and the way I express myself.
Academese, mon amis.


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What if Charlottesville Was a Set Up?

surprise, surprise, surprise

The Foxhole

Since George Soros was behind it, it’s a distinct probability.

From The American Thinker

The ridiculous campaign by virtually every media outlet, every Democrat and far too many squishy Republicans to label Trump some kind of  racist and Nazi sympathizer is beginning to have the stink of an orchestrated smear.   The conflagration in Charlottesville is beginning to feel like a set-up, perhaps weeks or months in the planning.  Planned by whom?  Time may tell.  We know that Michael Signer, the mayor of Charlottesville, declared his city to be the “capital of the resistance” just after Trump’s inauguration.  We know that Gov. Terry McAuliffe is a corruptocrat, joined at the hip to the Clintons.  He pardoned sixty-thousand felons in order to ensure he delivered his state to the presidential election of Hillary Clinton.  We know he would like to run for president himself.

We know that Obama…

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