Covid-19 had us all fooled, but now we might have finally found its secret.

Apr 5 · 8 min read

In the last 3–5 days, a mountain of anecdotal evidence has come out of NYC, Italy, Spain, etc. about COVID-19 and characteristics of patients who get seriously ill. It’s not only piling up but now leading to a general field-level consensus backed up by a few previously little-known studies that we’ve had it all wrong the whole time. Well, a few had some things eerily correct (cough Trump cough), especially with Hydroxychloroquine with Azithromicin, but we’ll get to that in a minute.

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News Briefs – 04/05/2020 —
via News Briefs – 04/05/2020 —


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The Cobra Effect, by Hardscrabble Farmer — The Tactical Hermit

This is what I call a PERSPECTIVE READ. Read this twice and then pass it on to somebody you care about. Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous! Hardscrabble Farmer is a throwback to an American archetype: the self-reliant individual. From Hardscrabble Farmer at Last night I dreamed that I was at the local supermarket. […]

via The Cobra Effect, by Hardscrabble Farmer — The Tactical Hermit

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Vermont Decrees Home Farming “Non Essential”, Forbids The Selling of Seeds…

vDOBriy CHAS comrades!


Comrades, the administrative state will take care of all your food needs.  There is no reason to be self-sufficient in the production of food products.  As a result Vermont has designatedthe selling of seeds as “non-essential” and blocked from purchase:

It is more than a little alarming to see state officials now beginning to drill down into products that stores will be permitted to sell, or not sell, within businesses that are permitted to remain open during the COVID-19 mitigation effort.

Interestingly Vermont is the home state for Comrade Bernie Sanders; a candidate for the position of president, and is a self-described socialist with favorable opinion toward Comrade Fidel Castro of Cuba.  Amid all of the control efforts by various totalitarian state officials, this connection does not seem accidental.

Roping-off sections of products, and…

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Don’t Tell the Media or The Democrats in Congress: The Wall is Near Completion

Jim Campbell's

By Jim Campbell

April 1st, 2019

This is something else we can be proud of, our president said he would build a wall keeping those trying to get into our country illegally and not properly vetted.

With the C0ID-19 spreading like wildfire across the world, depending upon who you believe, I’m doubting we will hear much complaining from the Democrats and their adoring media.

For her part, Pelosi will likely start the impeachment process all over again, if she is still around long enough to do so.

Mexico Is Frighteningly Unprepared for the Coronavirus.

As the virus spreads, the government is still downplaying the danger.

Last weekend, 110,000 people attended the “Vive Latino” music festival in Mexico City, which took place as scheduled despite several confirmed cases of COVID-19 in Mexico’s capital.

Even from the United States, Mexicans can change the future of ...

At the same time, while governments worldwide took drastic measures to slow down the spread of…

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Where Is Congress?

The Lone Cactus

You’ll have to forgive me for being a little bit cynical today. That’s because I can’t believe what is going on in Washington, DC. Over the weekend, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) unleashed a very childish and untoward barrage at President Donald Trump. Now, I’m totally aware these two are not besties. But still, in a time when both sides of the aisle are calling for government to work together, I find it terribly odd that Pelosi would be breaching her own advice, and slamming not only Trump, but the official Coronavirus task force. It makes me wonder if she’s all there mentally!

Then I realized she wasn’t.

If you go back to World War I, or World War II, or the Spanish Flu Pandemic of 1918, you’ll notice that Congress worked overtime. They didn’t take a break. They stayed in session, even though tradition said that they…

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Taking a stand

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