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Aeoli Pera

Civil War 2.0 kicks off with a brazen grab for the YouTube servers.

2018-04-03 16_53_50-Police Say Responding to ‘Active Shooter_ at YouTube Campus - Bloomberg - Pale M

Guarantee you the point of this shooter is to get YouTube under very tight scrutiny.

From now on, there will be top men from Homeland Security keeping a close eye on things.

“By the way Sanjay, what was the IP address of the computer that posted that Sinclair video? I hear your green card application is being held up in the system, that must be very troubling.”

ABC reports that she is a white woman wearing a dark top and a headscarf. She reportedly came through the back door and fired at least 20 shots, according to an unnamed law enforcement source. Witnesses say there were multiple injuries but no fatalities have been reported.

My money’s on (((white))).

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