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Rotten to the Core, by Robert Gore

Originally posted on STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC:
Coercion is inseparable from corruption. When a group coerces with impunity, it steals from, lies to, defrauds, and enslaves the subjugated. The dominant group invariably develops a morally comforting ideology of its superiority and…

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Trump and Brexit: Time to Dump the Tea in the Potomac — American Thinker

A generation of reality-challenged leaders have redefined the American experience as one that values playing the game over honesty, mouthing politically correct pieties over results, and scorn for the bedrock desire of ordinary Americans to, as FOX commentator Monica Crowley … Continue reading

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For those with short memories and those too young to remember, If you’re over 35, you lived through it, so read it and recollect. Amazing to me how much I had forgotten! For those under 35, read this, verify and … Continue reading

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Originally posted on A NATION BEGUILED: By Michael Gaddy America’s largest criminal enterprise, one which operates with the consent and cooperation of millions is best known as our government. This criminal enterprise owns the so-called justice system because…

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Thoughts on Orlando

Originally posted on Something Fishy:
The leftist narrative is that of course this latest terror attack is due to insufficient gun control – facts, reason, and American rights be damned. A few thoughts, based on the information that’s been promulgated…

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Elite Special Forces Insider Warns Of Serious Civil Unrest This Summer: “Everything Is Right For Things To Go Very Wrong” by Mac Slavo

Originally posted on STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC:
The title of this article may look like one of the way too many Internet ads for people flogging their crises preparation videos, books, supplies, etc. The article is on SLL because “serious civil…

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Seven Shocking Things That You Almost Certainly Didn’t Know, by Paul Rosenberg

Originally posted on STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC:
One reason SLL posts articles by Paul Rosenberg is his core belief that people do pretty well for themselves when they’re left alone, when they’re free to cooperate with other people when they so…

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