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Sunday Funnies, 12-01-19

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Some things are so magnificent–and funny–no explanation is necessary… unless, of course, you’re The Washington Post.  Satire dies in dumbness,,,, Another avoidable Thanksgiving tragedy.  If he’d only kept his beak shut (thanks to The…

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What civilians don’t get about Eddie Gallagher

You have to go into battle convinced of the moral rightness of your fight, and unpunished murder by your own side tears at the moral certainty of men who otherwise brave death with a clear conscience. Source:

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This Is Why There Will Be A Violent Separation In FUSA

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Read the above from Joe Huffman, then segue to a cold-blooded, clear-eyed assessment of how many control freaks like her live within your local polity. There is no voting our way out of…

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Nobody trumps Trump.

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David Stockman Exposes The Ukrainian Influence-Peddling Rings, Part 1 | Zero Hedge

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Authored by David Stockman via, Last night we heard some knucklehead on the War Channel (CNN) braying about Ukraine as a vitally important “ally and strategic partner”. The implication, of course, was…

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Wednesday Memes ..

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Just beautiful! Freedom Is Just Another Word… View original post

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What he is waiting for — Vox Popoli

As I mentioned on the Darkstream last night, it is very obvious what the God-Emperor is waiting for before he unleashes The Storm. There is absolutely no point rushing in and arresting all of the Swamp’s denizens if the swampy … Continue reading

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