Message Received….Life Lessons from My Dogs…..

Bridging the Gap

Right up there with babies, God’s finest creation is the dog. Most of life’s important lessons I learned from dogs.

Enjoy the simple pleasures of a walk

We have an older guy – by older I mean likely my age but I am in denial – who takes his dogs for a walk most every day. Two of them walk alongside, and one he carries in a red bag slung over his shoulder. Their gait is slow, leisurely, in no apparent hurry. The little white dog smiles as it peeps over the edge of the red bag hanging from the shoulder of his human; dogs smile, I’m sure of it.

Some people would never walk, nor enjoy the pleasure of a walk if it weren’t for dogs. So, there are health benefits, particularly as we age. Cardio, fresh air, sunlight, stress relief, and walking does its part keeping the joints…

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3 Responses to Message Received….Life Lessons from My Dogs…..

  1. MaddMedic says:

    Walks are good for the body and soul. Dog’s make it much better…

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  2. Dogs are truth detectors. They love those who are sincere and kind. They fear those who are deceptive and mean. In order to have a good relationship with a dog you not only have to be kind you also have to be consistent and fair. This makes you a better person. The best is when you take your lessons learned from your dog and use them in the rest of your life.

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  3. kidme37 says:

    Many things like this to enjoy in these times.

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