Being Woke to Tiananmen Square

Jim Campbell's

The “woke” left’s agenda is propelled by delusion, mob rule, violence, lies, and cry-bully victimhood.

Comment by Jim Campbell

June 19th 2019

Let those who believe it is their position in life to destroy the Second Amendment beware of the historical account of what happened below and to all other countries where it has been tried.

Dictatorships from around the world in an attempt to spin history so that it will appear to the unknowing as more palatable.

How are they seriously different from those who call themselves members of the progressive left in the United States.

Canada Free Press

Jim O’Neill


June 19th 2019

Being Woke to Tiananmen Square

Recently I was reading about how China has whitewashed, erased, all mention of the demonstration/massacre at Tiananmen Square thirty years ago, and I recalled a song that former “Pink Floyd” member Roger Waters wrote about the bloodbath shortly after it happened…

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