Unroll The Scroll

L. Neil Smith’s The Libertarian Enterprise

During the period, a few years ago, when I was working daily with Aaron Zelman, founder and director of the civil rights organization Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership, I was surprised to learn that the Torah, the principal Jewish holy book, we are warned “If a man comes in the night to kill you, rise up quickly and kill him first.”

In the Christian Bible, Jesus, a thoroughly Jewish rabbi who was not the pathetic pacifist metrosexual he’s so often represented to be, tells his apostles to sell their cloaks if necessary, and buy a sword. You can almost hear the voice of Tommy Lee Jones advising Robert Downey Jr., “Lose that nickel-plated sissy-pistol, and get yourself a Glock.”

This past week, the murderous criminal actions in Paris, France of the gang that calls itself ISIS have been at the forefront of almost everybody’s thoughts. Conservatives express a desire to turn various spots in the middle east into lakes of molten glass. Liberals have somehow come to the twisted conclusion that raping and killing hundreds of helpless, unarmed people is a cry for help. Elected and appointed officials in Europe, including the head of Interpol are publicly rethinking their attitudes toward privately owned and carried firearms.

Is there a similar response going on in the United States? Has reality finally caught up with the victim disarmament set? On the contrary, what just happened in Paris constitutes proof, somehow, that America needs more gun control. Yeah—like it needs a good case of hemorroids.

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