Is Trump Winning? by Robert Gore

What there is that can be won, anyway.


Mainstream analysis has been wrong for so long, why start believing it now?

SLL has run a series of articles (“Plot Holes,” “Trump and Vault 7,” “Calling a Bluff?” “Let’s Connect the Dots,” “Powerball, Part One,” “Powerball, Part Two”) advancing interrelated hypotheses. We’ve asserted that President Trump is far smarter and the powers that be far stupider and weaker than current consensus estimates. Trump’s primary motivation is power. The nonstop vilification campaign against him has little to do with policy differences and instead reflects establishment fears that Trump will investigate, expose, and punish its criminality. The upshot of these hypotheses: Trump is winning and has consolidated his power.

Reader reaction to this non-mainstream and admittedly speculative line of thinking has been mixed and often skeptical. However, we’ll press on, because our hypotheses have yielded testable predictions, most of…

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Voluntary wiretaps.

Source: Voluntary wiretaps.

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High altitude common sense.

It’s not about whether people who consider themselves “transgender” have equal individual rights under the Constitution. It’s about the right and responsibility of the military to conduct itself, and the right of the Commander-in-Chief — the U.S. President — to make decisions he sees as most fitting and appropriate to the safety of the country.…

via It’s Not About Transsexuals in the Military — Michael J. Hurd, Ph.D. | Living Resources Center

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Porretto on cultural marxism

After undertaking a brief, informal survey, I concluded that (much to my surprise) Antonio Gramsci’s call for “cultural hegemony” – i.e., his exhortation to Marxists to undertake a campaign of conquest of the West’s systems of education, information, and culture – is not yet known to many American conservatives. (More recently, we have Rudi…

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When you push whites too far

Berserkers unite!!

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

Someone’s seen this classic.

What’s the opposite of white guilt? Whatever it is, America had it, once.

They literally invent new forms of war every time you fuck with them.
European Civil War is a hobby. WW3 will just be World Civil War. It’s 4th generation.
There’s a definite strain of rage, whether it’s MAO genes or something else.

Nobody talks about Napalm and I think that’s a shame.

Who could look at OJ and think Imma murder the fuck outta someone with this.

Madmen, that’s who.
It’s strange to watch non-whites poke the polar bear with a massive military budget.

Even Saints have a limit on their patience.

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Jeff Sessions: Wildly Wrong on Civil Asset Forfeiture

Jeff of the Hood

International Liberty

Because America’s Founding Fathers properly wanted to protect citizens from government abuse, the Constitution has several provisions (presumption of innocence, ban on warrantless searches, right to jury trial, 5th Amendment protection against self-incrimination, etc) to protect our liberties.

So one can only imagine how Jefferson, Madison, Mason, et al, must be rolling in their graves as they contemplate the disgusting practice of civil asset forfeiture, which basically allows agents of the government in the modern era to steal property from people who have not been convicted of any crime. I’m not joking.

Even worse, government agencies are allowed to profit from this form of theft, creating a terrible incentive structure for abuse.

Like certain other bad government policies that trample our rights (i.e., money-laundering laws that require banks to snoop on law-abiding customers), civil asset forfeiture is largely a result of the government’s failed War on Drugs. In other words…

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Look What Trump Just Parked In California After Governor Tough-Talked Him To Keep Illegals

Heh! Don’t mess with the Boss.

Reclaim Our Republic

President Trump understands all too well that to keep his campaign promise to “make America safe again,” he has to build a wall at our Southern Border to keep the illegal vermin and terrorist riff-raff out. But ever since Trump got into office, liberal politicians have been doing everything in their power to destroy his plans, since illegals and Muslims make up a massive majority of the Democratic voter base. However after months of trying to sabotage our president’s plan to build a wall, unfortunately for them, the first portion of the wall has just been constructed. And the location of where the first brick was laid has liberals absolutely furious, and the rest of us laughing our asses off.

Ever since Trump took office, many liberal mayors and governors across America have been refusing to comply with immigration officials, as they continue to harbor criminals in their sanctuary cities. California governor Jerry…

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