A more positive view of Syria

Larry Schweikart, author of the Patriot’s History of the United States, offers an inside look at the most likely reasoning behind Trump’s logic on Syria: … the strike was a multifaceted message, and unfortunately one that absolutely had to be sent, somewhere, somehow. Recall as many of you have posted, in the past two years,…

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Who’s Playing The Long Game–and What’s Their Game Plan? by Charles Hugh Smith


Charles Hugh Smith joins SLL and a few other writers arguing that things may not be what they seem regarding the Syrian missile strike. From Smith at oftwominds.com:

Take a moment to consider the Neocon camp’s over-reaction to the inchoate challenge to its dominance posed by the Trump administration.

When we speak of The Long Game, we speak of national/alliance policies that continue on regardless of what political party or individual is in office. The Long Game is always about the basics of national survival: control of and access to resources, and jockeying to diminish the power and influence of potential adversaries while strengthening one’s own power and influence.

As I have been discussing for years, there are inevitable conflicts within the inner circle that executes The Long Game within each nation/alliance. In periods of active confrontation, the various factions tend to rally round the core game plan–for example, in…

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Back in 2010/2011 when I was still writing under the pen-name Giordano Bruno, I warned extensively about the dangers of any destabilization in the nation of Syria, long before the real troubles began. In an article titled Migration Of The Black Swans, I pointed out that due to Syria’s unique set of alliances and economic…

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“We’re not going into Syria.”

The God-Emperor spells it out:Amid complaints that his aides are saying different things about Syria and his policy is confusing, President Trump emphatically cleared the air. “We’re not going into Syria,” he told me yesterday in an exclusive interview. “Our policy is the same — it hasn’t changed. We’re not going into Syria.”He was especially…

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The Crux

“They always hate to let go of power.”

Martin Armstrong


Martin always knows what’s going on behind the scenes.

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The Robins have come and I’m itching to build a greenhouse.

And bare ground has appeared (my septic system thaws first). The robins are picking it over but I don’t know if you can see them. There are maybe a dozen in the picture. I can’t see them.


This is the first day it has gone above 50 degrees. Snow was still 2 feet deep last week. And you could walk on it.  It’s knee death now, even in snowshoes.  I’m impatient. I’ve been clearing ground for the greenhouse. Hopefully the rest will go quickly.

Here’s the spot. Long way to go.  Looking west from the woodshed, through the length of the greenhouse.


I got one of those tunnels for my birthday last year. In figuring all the angles for exposure, I realized the back half is a waste. It will get no sun in the winter. Not through the roof anyway.

I had this realization while sitting in my new wood shed taking the sun last fall. It’s a pole barn and has no walls. Here it is from inside the greenhouse, looking SE. Most invisible greenhouse ever.


The sun is below the pitch of the roof all winter so it shines straight through. If I ran the roof all the way to the ground and  put plastic on the three sides, I’d have 1050 sq ft (30×35) of sunlit floor with no vulnerable plastic roof.

I’ve decided to build another shed like it only 48ft long, cut the green house in half length wise, and hang it off of the front.  That is, potentially, 45x 48, or 2,160 sq feet. It depends on how much roofing I can scrounge up. It will at least be 48x 30= 1440.  I’ve got to close it all in, too

The green house in tunnel form is 17x 24, or 408 sq ft.

Which would almost double my garden space, except I will probably have to empty them all to fill the greenhouse.  I’ve got about 3,000 sq ft of laboriously compost created soil made over the last 10 yrs. Some of it deeper than others..  Maine hasn’t got much laying around.

The idea is a raised bed, hugelkulture greenhouse on a massive scale.


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BILLIONS of dead fish now washing up in Alaska from …



BILLIONS of dead fish now washing up in Alaska from radiation-polluted PacificFukushimaradiation …

Written By: Greg White

Something smells fishy in Alaska’s waters. Hundreds of dead fish were found dead on Front Beach in downtown Alaska last Tuesday. In addition, high temperatures and low river levels are killing salmon in Matanuska and Susitna valleys.(1, 2)

These reports coincide with a number of dead whales, birds and fish being found in the Aleutian Islands. A dead Steller’s sea lion landed on the shore in Unalaska last July. Experts are unsure what caused the sea lion’s death. The carcass of the dead sea creature did not display wounds.(1)Warm ocean temperatures cook marine life

Water temperatures were as high as 74 degrees in Jim Creek, which is a small tributary of the Knik River. Many dead salmon were discovered in the river’s weir, whereas others were…

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