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As seen in one of Scott’s linkdumps. I thought it was interesting enough to deserve discussion here.Scott’s comment:Hotel Concierge, everyone’s favorite Tumblr cultural commentator who is definitely not secretly The Last Psychiatrist, has another magnum opus out – Shame And Society. My favorite excerpt: “Make no mistake, the performative sadness is not consequent to the…

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Yuging my Hugel

Here she is in action, 2015.


Prepped. It’s collapsed down quite a bit, getting a little thin on top, border logs rotted. Just kind of slumped.


Good soil though.  Any way I decided to renew and expand.


I’m scraping up the floor of my first woodshed. Ten years worth of hardwood bark and splinters. It’s beauty.


Then I raked the soil back over and did the other side.


Up and over the top.


To top it off, a 3 or 4 year old ten foot tall haystack, that got shorter. Flavored with a load of two year old chicken poop and three loads of sawdust to lighten it up a bit.


That made about ten loads, a nice thick topping.


My Hugel is yuger than yours.  :op  That took me four days.


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Fair warning.

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Reference: Sites Google Blacklists — The Burning Platform

For your future reference. There are many GREAT sites on this list … sites that Google wants to eliminate from their search engine. Have fun checking out sites you may not have heard of before! ———— “Google has announced they will be doubling down on their ‘Orwellian’ practice of making stories disappear from their monopolistic…

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Junk, Budget Builds and Gear Reviews


Allow me to paint in broad strokes. There is the preparedness culture, the gun culture and the training culture. These groups often experience some overlap. You have Preppers who are into guns, but this is usually secondary to them engaging in general preparedness. You often see these folks stock pile lots of ammo and guns (usually budget builds) and can barely use them. These folks are not usually part of the training culture, but exceptions certainly exist.

The gun culture is what I’d say includes everyone from the Fudd on YouTube down to guys who even go to the range frequently. But they rarely have a training plan. They don’t really attend classes aside from maybe a state sanctioned CCW course. They tend to have a bad case of the Dunning Krugers. These are the retreat snipers. The guys who like to go out on the weekend and shoot tin…

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The Surprisingly Solid Mathematical Case of the Tin Foil Hat Gun Prepper…

Trigger Reset

See the people in our feature photo?

They’re math geniuses!

As gun policy discussions unfold in the wake of mass shooter incidents, they routinely end in three buckets.

There’s the “tyranny can never happen here” bucket, which the left has mostly abdicated in the wake of Trump winning after they called (and still call) him a tyrant.

There’s the “you can’t fight the army with small arms” bucket, which is increasingly unsound given our ongoing decade-and-a-half war with Afghani tribal goat herders.

And there’s the “what the hell do you need an AR-15 for anyway?” bucket, which, by its very language, eschews a fundamental lack of understanding of what those people are thinking.

I am not a prepper. But I know a few. Some of the ones I do know are smart. They may not be doing as deep an analysis as I present here, on a mathematical level, but…

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It Takes A Village (To Birth Geniuses)

Chateau Heartiste

Tucked within this post by Steve Sailer on the last surviving WWII physicist Freeman Dyson, might be the most subversive argument against globalism and mass scale urbanization I’ve read yet.

Steve quotes Dyson in a review Dyson wrote of Scale: The Universal Laws of Growth, Innovation, Sustainability, and the Pace of Life in Organisms, Cities, Economies, and Companies by Geoffrey West of the Santa Fe Institute.

(By the way, you ever notice how so many suprageniuses are ectomorphs?)

On the average, people in villages are not more capable than people in cities. But if ten million people are divided into a thousand genetically isolated villages, there is a good chance that one lucky village will have a population with outstandingly high average capability, and there is a good chance that an inbreeding population with high average capability produces an occasional bunch of geniuses in a short time.


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