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Run, Rabbit, Run!

Jorge Ramos Heads Back To His Country Posted on March 30, 2018 by Anonymous Conservative The Univision reporter who Trump humiliated wants to go back:   “Rabbits are the ultimate example of Eric Hoffer’s adage, that those who most aggressively … Continue reading

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Daniel Greenfield translates rabbit speak

Good thing too. I was wondering. Painfully funny. Here’s a sample. How to talk like a social justice crybully. “All non-social justice forms of speech are hate speech. These include supporting Trump, quoting the Bill of Rights or refusing to … Continue reading

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Whatever happened to logic?

Here’s a good question from Elizabeth Smiley at American Thinker. …How can you use the very same expressions you claim are so bothersome?  It defies logic. The were many signs about science at the womyn’s march, yet those same people … Continue reading

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