Visit from the Bald Eagle







20180328_181917 - Copy

8 Responses to Photos

  1. mtnforge says:

    Now thats a sunrise! Looks like NewHampshire.

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  2. mtnforge says:

    Hear you, we been doing the same thing. Your green house coming along well? I’m dying to build a high tunnel. Been searching materials myself to discover the most durable at the best pricing. Money always being limiting factor. Not telling you anything on that right?
    ( mtntopforge at hughesnet dot com )
    The long low shadows of the trees in winter hit our solar array. That time of year you need every watt we can get out of them to keep this big ol fork truck battery we use charged. Solar panels don’t like shadows. Though the Kyrocea’s panels we got have diodes between the sub cells so they don’t back feed each other. Still it cuts down on output. I’m building a wind turbine, hopefully get that running in the next month. Weld up the tower soon as the weather improves, and raise that puppy. You can’t have trees within 100 or so feet to get steady air. Plus the trees where blocking too much sun on the garden. Plus you can never have too much cord wood. It was a great bonus we can now see the sun & moon rises. Lot of rainbows too.

    I see that rainbow in one of your shots. Not many things cooler than rainbows. Spectral Wonders!


  3. JCscuba says:

    You live it the right place for the time at hand. Are you close enough geographically to join the battle?


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