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No cure yet.

Oncology by Vijay Prozak on January 31, 2010 Imagine lying asleep in your house, dreaming of something pleasant. Unknown to you, your house is on fire, but this is an invisible fire that leaves no traces others can see. You … Continue reading

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Do Not Submit!

Time for some history. History freed from the vision of the version written by the winners. That is, the Revolutionaries. My version is brought to you by the vanquished. The people who know the truth but have kept it to … Continue reading

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Leftism Revolted Against Nature, But Then Nature Won The Upper Hand — Amerika

Very few people understand the true essence of Leftism. Individualism, or the me-first attitude, plays a careful game: it demands anarchy for the individualist, but in order that the individualist not be punished, trades that by extending the same to … Continue reading

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