An Increasingly Fragile Empire

Jan 28, 2021 21:00 · 965 words · 5 minute readTAGS: CIVIL-WAR-2 COMMUNISTS GUN-RIGHTS


Our creaky, late-stage American empire is looking fragile. Texas is talking secession. Wyoming is paying close attention.

Everything looks brittle. Perhaps things will break. William S. Lind has been telling everyone who will listen that a legitimacy crisis is looming.

One would hope our ruling elites were prudent enough to lower tensions right about now. Perhaps Nancy Pelosi and “the enemy within” could retire to a secret chandeliered hideaway for a pleasant game of whist.

That is not happening. The Washington swamp is seething with anger and malice. Word has gone out that deplorables must not only be punished as domestic terrorists, but publicly humiliated. No tweet is too small to become a federal crime as needed.

The people pulling the levers to operate Joe Biden are doing their best to make things worse. So are the members of the ruling uniparty who identify as congressional Democrats. We are left to wonder what they have in mind for the deplorables if the planned deprogramming fails.

Tossing constitutional and political norms out the window is an excellent way to erode the regime’s legitimacy further. Therefore it is happening. We must acknowledge the possibility that our rulers are not terribly bright.

Exhibit A is a proposal to promote the District of Columbia to statehood.

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