Yes, the “vaccines” are a bad way to combat overpopulation.

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Yes, the “vaccines” are a bad way to combat overpopulation. But we’d best be honest about it and admit that overpopulation is a tremendous problem.

Comment: “If the same guy (Bill Gates) who has been saying for decades that the Earth is overpopulated says you need to take his shot, you might want to hit pause.”

Response: Good point. However, human population growth is a very real problem…not necessarily in the West quite yet, but definitely elsewhere. (Africa and the ME: 1.5 billion and climbing fast. China: 1.4 billion. India and Pakistan: 1.6 billion. SE Asia/Japan/Korea: ~1 billion. Latin America: ~1 billion, etc.) A large percentage want to come here, outbreed us, and take our resources. Our globalist political whores, Democrat and Republican, are letting them so so.

Some people might say “Big deal, the Earth has infinite resources and God will provide!” However, those people are idiots. We already have critical shortages and intractable distribution problems, and there’s not a single good reason to think it won’t get much, much worse. So the most we can do is argue with the methods being employed … that is, whether Gates and company are going about “solving the overpopulation problem” the right way.

It turns out that they aren’t. Equipped with inadequate understanding of the overpopulation problem itself, they allowed their “solution” to become contaminated with all kinds of extraneous nonsense including bad science, private profit for globalist oligarchs, foaming-at-the-mouth “Great Reset” tyranny, monumental deceit leading to a mountain of lies, fake egalitarianism (no quality control to go along with proposed quantity control), and so on.

Comment: “There are 4.66 acres available for every human on the planet. Even if 50% is unusable, we have 2.33 acres per human. Still think we’re overpopulated?”

Response: Yes I do. Ever hear of soil and water depletion? What about pollution?

2.33 acres isn’t much of a farm in most parts of the world, even for subsistence. I own a farm. It’s over 50 times that size, and to grow anything, we have to add increasingly expensive nonrenewable soil additives every year. And then are are the blights and the insects (we don’t like GMO products).

How much natural habitat and biodiversity are you willing to sacrifice? What about space for homes, businesses, roads, and national parks and forests? What about political and economic inefficiencies? What about the oppressive mountain of regulation that would be required in order to ensure efficient distribution – i.e., world communism?

What about continued reproductive excess in places like Africa, the population of which is burdened with a 30-point mean IQ deficit and phenomenally low impulse control, and China, India, and Latin America, which simply propose to send their excess population (and cultures, and political systems) here?

Obviously, the first and easiest remedy for overpopulation is to stop subsidizing it and encouraging it with open borders.322 likes274 comments100 reposts6 quotes

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