More on Ivermectin

Here is an article about doctors trying to raise awareness on a drug that seems to blow covid away completely. So of course TPTB do NOT want anyone to know about it. The battle against it is already being waged. Remember, the medical business is NOT about curing anything, just about making money and keeping you just sick enough to keep paying them.

As I told you recently a friend that raises livestock felt like he was getting the rona and took a dose of Ivermectin based on the animal weight dose listed on the bottle and it worked for him. One of my kids wanted to have some Ivermectin on hand for himself so I ordered a bottle that was advertised for goats from Amazon. No problems, got it in a couple of days. Another one of the kids asked me to get some extra this week, and the product I had purchased was no longer available. The formulation had been changed and it no longer used Ivermectin That seemed odd. I decided to order some for sheep that was still listed, and also some for horses that was still available, and have it sent to a relative that has goats and horses. No prescription necessary. I’ll just pick it up from them next …

used that myself. Supposed to kill the spike, from either source.

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  1. Bone Fish says:

    Where to buy without a scrip, delivered to your door:


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