Predictive programming of proprietary ingredients

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

I’d wager HCG-beta given WHO funding the research since the EIGHTIES. I have posted about this.

Social distancing was a term used in a film too. I’d also look to the Keanu alien remake where the excuse for letting ‘aliens’ kill humans was The Planet. “Your planet?” The angels were here first.

Experiment is a very important legal term.
The modRNA use is here called ‘temporary’ by Parliament. This is true. They’ll replace it with something else. Platform then programme, remember. It’s like revving the engine on a car that doesn’t run, currently. Or Wiley Coyote crossing the cliff edge before looking down.

Until the experiment is over (2023 here) the debriefing of ingredient content needn’t occur, then there’s trade secrets. Immune from legal liability also applies to disclosures, especially on a flimsy pretext like national security during a war. They could deny it for YEARS and still…

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