Who are the stupid ones? New gun bill in Congress

Big fun!

The Price of Liberty

The Democratic Caucus – and their staff – indicate just how stupid they are in some of the recent legislation filed by the magnificent members of the US House of Representatives. Well, in this case, one specificant member, and her staff. Sheila Jackson Lee of Texas introduced House Bill 127, the “Sabika Sheikh Firearm Licensing and Registration Act” way back on 4 JAN 2021.

This little hot potato is designed to impact more than 150 million households in the Fifty States. In some very strange ways. It is designed to make as many gunowners as possible into felons. But WE would be the stupid ones if we just ignore it. It would (if it did pass) be impossible to enforce, but that would not stop them from trying to do so.

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5 Responses to Who are the stupid ones? New gun bill in Congress

  1. kamas716 says:

    My best guess, considering past registration laws of various firearms in lefty states, would be they’ll struggle to get compliance with the just the notifying the .gov of which weapons are on hand in the teens. I would think the more conservative states wouldn’t break out of the single digits. There’s no way to comply with the entire law as written.

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  2. MaddMedic says:

    Well look who authored it……Just saying!!!

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  3. kamas716 says:

    I wonder how they expect the older firearms to be reported since not all of the smaller calibers have serial numbers?

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