A glimpse into the normie mind

Aeoli Pera

This (after the initial paragraph) is a pretty good encapsulation of normie opinion: https://www.penny-arcade.com/news/post/2021/01/08/youtube. I’ve archived the link because it’s the most accidental great work of art I’ve ever seen. He’s captured the normie conceit and experience so perfectly and profoundly in about 600 words that it would be worth doing a word-by-word deconstruction.

The reason I don’t hold forth on politics isn’t because I think it will hurt my business or something. It’s okay if someone thinks that; very few people actually know me, by design. There’s a couple reasons I don’t generally do so. The main one is that I don’t have the kind of opinion about myself that says “you have such robust, meaningful positions on matters of import that you simply must be heard.” The character I play, the Smug Intellectual, is just that. I became known by accident at the dawning of the consumer…

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