Her Name Was Ashli Babbitt —

Our Boston Commons moment was yesterday: Woman fatally shot in Capitol identified as Ashli Babbitt https://banned.video/watch?id=5ff6857e00bac0328da8e888 All of the nominally “Right Wing” and “Conservative” pundits, media figures, and legislators who sat around and watched and made excuses for or mealy-mouth pro-forma condemnations of BLM and Anti-fa rioters all this summer long and suddenly decided to…

Her Name Was Ashli Babbitt —

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2 Responses to Her Name Was Ashli Babbitt —

  1. Ironbear says:

    Thanks for the pingback and repost.

    I’ve been a reader and sometimes commenter at InstaPundit since 2001 or 2002. It gave me no joy to make that post. But it’s a sad state of affairs when the only writer on Glenn Reynold’s page with a pair of balls is Sarah Hoyt.

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