News Briefs – 11/27/2020 — Anonymous Conservative

Here are some news stories that might be of interest. Most articles will be more or less summarized in the headline. You can skim the headlines and summaries, and click the links if they are of interest. Keep in mind, many of these reports are products of the Fake News, so although they will be…

News Briefs – 11/27/2020 — Anonymous Conservative

Philip Zodhiates ran a direct mail fundraising firm that catered to conservative elected officials and pro-life groups, among others, named Response Unlimited. The Department of Justice told him they were seeking a ten year sentence for Zodhiates having given a woman in his church an 8 hour car ride from Virginia to Buffalo: the woman and her daughter were fleeing an abusive relationship and the fleeing woman did not have court custody of the child. DOJ offered Zodhiates probation if he testified against conservative Liberty University to aid in the DOJ harassment of conservative institutions, Zodhiates refused and is serving a three year sentence due to be released next year.

They say show me the man and I will show you the crime. And it si true, everybody violates some law somewhere. But this feels to me to be deeper. Here is, IMO, the most likely way that arises. The Cabal wants to prosecute Liberty University because they are affecting the battlefield, and Cabal wants to be the only one doing that. They hit the surveillance/intel files on Liberty and when they click the name in the database, and select all of the financially related people, a list pops and they identify Philip Zodhiates as one guy who they need to testify to make their case. They click Zodhiates’ name and pull his file, but he is a pretty decent guy who leads a quiet life, so they look for any Cabal surveillance/intel assets they have, or could acquire, that happen to be in his circle. If they don’t have one, they send one in to make contact and build a friendship. They eventually come up with that woman as close enough to manipulate his trust. Maybe she is an asset already and has problems with the hubby, but not custody, so they have her beg this guy for a ride while in custody of the kid, and because he thought she was a friend who really needed help, now he has assisted her crime of taking the child across state lines. Maybe she and hubby are assets, and they fake their split, she gives custody to hubby, and then takes the kid and begs for the ride. Maybe she is not an asset, but Cabal intel knows about her issues, and approaches her and makes a deal with her to ask this guy for a ride while in possession of the kid, and in return they will solve her problems. From his perspective, nobody even knows he is alive, when this girl who has been so nice to him comes to him saying she was abused and she begs him to give her a ride with her child to relatives just over the state border, which makes it technically a federal crime. And then they have him, and by extension, Liberty University. Unless he refuses to help evil, in which case he can take the felony sentence and lose three years of his life. You see the problems that arise once we let a national surveillance/informant/intel operation get that far ahead of us, give that kind of intel on everyone to the machine, and let them run assets among us when nobody even thinks it is possible. All it takes in one corrupt actor to get ahold of it, and evil suddenly takes control and the people it exploits will be the loyal, the good, and the honorable, because those are the most manipulable – and the ones those most prone to use this system will hate. Freedom and privacy are protection for the good, and they need to make a comeback

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