Monday morning militia callup — Didact’s Reach

Well, that weekend went by pretty damned quickly…Before we get started with the shitposting, remember that the blog is moving to Didactic Mind in full very soon, so update your bookmarks, RSS feeds, and so on. The redirects will be put in place later on this week, I hope.Also, the Limitless Living course that I’ve…

Monday morning militia callup — Didact’s Reach

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Aspiring writer of Zombie fiction.
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3 Responses to Monday morning militia callup — Didact’s Reach

  1. Bone Fish says:

    Jason Thomas fits the profile of an FBI asset.
    Is MobiusWolf blog shutting down, all your future post activity directed towards Didact’s Reach?


  2. Sally Thompson says:

    Interesting how fox 9, uses the whole presentation to misrepresent the 3%rs, and what the militia stands for. Somehow, the focus switched from the obvious- the militia is of the people, by the people, for the people, protecting the people, AND THEIR GOVERNMENT, (representative republic, rule of CONSTITUTIONAL law) from the communist democrat, non government, usurpers of authority. (Communist democracy, rule of law)(blm/antifa/fake news 5th column).

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