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There is no “nuts” to this – it’s physics, and I’ll gladly explain it to you.

first and foremost, there is an incorrect assumption that the orbit of the Earth around the sun is CIRCULAR and regular. It is not.

The orbit of the Earth around the Sun varies slightly from year to year (revolution to revolution). Additionally, there is a periodicity to it.

In the vernacular, over a period of eighty-to ninety years, the orbit varies sufficiently that the amount of heat that the Earth receives from the Sun varies, up and down, over the course of that time.

Because climate science (i.e. the recording of climactic data) is a relatively recent invention, there aren’t sufficient records to verify this over more than one (possibly two) cycles. Additionally, the politicization of the “climate change” (AKA “global warming AKA Global Cooling” movements has made the veracity of some data questionable. But bear with me.

Each “year” as the Earth revolves around the Sun, the distance varies – slightly – and the temperatures of the Earth vary (slightly). Again, in a macro sense, these variations and the periodicity of those variations are both observable.

Now, what we’re currently seeing is analogous to what was observed during the period of the 1930s when, due to reaching a threshold of temperature increase, the central United States experienced a significant drought (the “Dust Bowl” years).

What’s INTERESTING is NOT the climate change per se (or the unproven but oft advocated theory that the changes are human cause).

What’s interesting is the BEHAVIORAL CHANGES of the human population over time as the climactic changes move the “weather” – gradually – from a period of extreme heat and drought (if we’re not already there we’re coming up on it) through a period of lower temperatures (as the Earth on each revolution moves slightly farther away from the Sun).

If you look back on it, right around 1980 was when the “global cooling AKA “new ice age” stuff started being postulated. Surprisingly, that also is when people moved from their more “artistic” creative period (the “cooling down” period after WWII) into the “Me Decade” of the 1980s (as temperatures began slowly to climb year over year.

So, technically, if you were to predict the global temperature increase/decrease over several decades, you would see something of a sign wave with a period of 80 to 90 years. And if you tracked human behavior over that same period of time, you would find a correlation – with a lag of several years – of human behavior to that temperature graph.

In conclusion, the “climate change” idiots have it COMPLETELY backwards. It is NOT that the changes in climate (which are physical as I have already explained) are CAUSE by human behavior. Rather, it is that human behavior is being influenced by the climate changes.

And, since it’s “getting hotter and drier” you can bet that people’s behavior is “getting hotter” – observe the riots and protests.

There’s a war coming, and the smart people both understand it (if not intellectually then at least intuitively). If you disagree, just go on with your life as usual – when the poop hits the propeller the rest of us will be ready. You won’t but that won’t matter.

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