New York Continues To Burn After Bail Ends

Gunner Q

As if my last post on the topic wasn’t damning enough!

5 members of Chilean theft crew charged in North Shore burglaries, DA says

By Robert Brodsky, 6 March 2020

Five members of a Chilean theft crew, sent to Long Island by an organized crime syndicate, have been charged with burglarizing four homes on Nassau’s affluent North Shore — the third such crew busted since December, prosecutors said Friday.

The five men, who were arrested Thursday, targeted high-end homes in Glen Cove, Sands Point, Locust Valley and Great Neck Estates, stealing cash, watches and a safe, records show.

The suspects, who were arraigned in District Court in Hempstead, were in possession of fake Argentine visas at the time of their arrests, said Anne Donnelly, deputy bureau chief of the Nassau District Attorney’s Rackets Bureau.

The men, Donnelly said, brazenly told arresting officers that their handler recruited them to burglarize…

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3 Responses to New York Continues To Burn After Bail Ends

  1. Welcome to the the most excellent state of NY ‘Andy’s Place’. Emperor Andy has decreed that all his peeps that break the law get released without bail. Emperor Andy, Cuomo II, is a member of the crime syndicate Democrat party who run things here. Their power base is in da’ big Apple and their fingers reach all over the state sucking up them stupid upstate loser’s money to fund their shenanigans wit’ a der best buds who are part of the ‘Wise Guys’ crew in New York.

    I live up in fly over upstate where we pay for all of Andy’s schemes. One county over they had a guy steal 3 cars in one day including a cop car and he was released each time. Boy, that new bail law is doing wonders to help reduce local crime…..NOT!!!!

    Now he has mandated no plastic bags so we pay a 5 cent a bag tax for paper bags now. See how this works? He and his cronies all scheme up these revenue plans and then we end up paying. I would leave but family still holds me here for now anyways……

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  2. kamas716 says:

    NY, along with CA, is demonstrating how you sell backhoes and bobcats to the wealthy.

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