Liberals of today… – reposting

Needs something catchy, and accurate.

The Price of Liberty

This short discussion from Madd Medic’s “Freedom is Just Another Word…” webzine is worth pondering. together with the recent commentaries TPOL has published on Progressivism, Prohibition, and the Social Gospel.

I’ve used the term “neo-liberal” to describe today’s progressives, but more and more refer to the by their desired results: Regressivists. They want our society, our culture, our civilization to slide back into a state of tyranny and total government (totalitarianism). One significant “sect” of modern, neo-liberals are socialists, which come in several flavors: national socialists (Nazis and Fascists and Falangists and the like), international socialists (Communists or Marxist-Leninists, Maoists, etc.), and transnational socialists (which I call Tranzis) .
Whatever we call them, they are bad.
These people call themselves “Progressive Liberals” or “Liberal Progressives.” It is part of their many attempts to spin – or bluntly, lie, their way into power.
One term that Madd Medic does not discuss…

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