Zombie Politics


The uniparty thinks it can continue to square the circle indefinitely: maximize White productivity at no positive incentive, minimize White discontent with no concessions to any grievance. In a typical example of the Republicans’ hollow words, a GOP consultant makes an appeal to muh conservative principles (Washington Post “Wake up Republicans. Your party stands for all the wrong things now” Dec. 31, 2019). Grandpa Lampshade on Gab offers a point-by-point reaction to the italicized passages:

“Look, I was just wondering: What’s the Republican Party all about these days? What does it, well, stand for?”

Thanks for asking. I think a great start would be no more wars for Israel and you know, actually participating in the culture war.

“Republicans now partly define their party simply as an alternative to that other party, as in, “I’m a Republican because I’m not a Democrat.”

As opposed to what, exactly? Being a…

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