12 30 19 Is it Virginia gun laws that would have no legal force?



 (Has anyone heard a word from your members of Congress about how serious gun confiscation has become in VA?  I haven’t heard a word from either Senator or from Representative Scott Tipton.  MB)

Northam’s proposals to register and restrict the sale and ownership of certain firearms, including forceful removal of those arms, conflict with the Second Amendment

By A. Dru Kristenev

Virginia’s switch to an all-democrat state government after the last election has ushered in a new era of megalomania among the state legislators. Following the usual pattern of wangling their way to power, the first thing liberals target is the Second Amendment and Virginia’s top officials have wasted no time in their pursuit of gun grabbing.

Governor Ralph Northam went straight after guiltless citizens by stating his intention to push through legislation requiring gun owners to register AR-15s and other firearms under the fiction of protecting…

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