This Is Why There Will Be A Violent Separation In FUSA

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  1. The battle over the second amendment is not one of only firearms. It is a battle over the future of the nation. A reasonable person would be willing to discuss options. The left is going all in on the anti gun movement. Why?

    If you plan to institute a form of government, foreign policy and taxation that you are fully aware will cause much resistance, you must deny the opposition any means to challenge your authority. It is easy for an armed law enforcement contingent to put down any unarmed protests. It is quite another to have this force face armed citizens intent on not leaving the field.

    We cannot allow ourselves to have our field of vision limited to purely gun control. It is but one aspect of a much larger agenda of the left. The latest bans of ‘hate speech’ are another angle of attack by the left. Limiting speech is censorship. We know what damage that can do to a society. Hitler, Lenin, Stalin, Mao are all examples of regimes engaged in strict controls over both speech and firearms ownership. Nothing good came from these regimes.

    So, when you see diatribes like the one included in this post, keep in mind it is a hydra like enemy we are facing and there are many different tactics at work in this battle.

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