The Second Civil War, Part 9: Manufactured Reality

Stately McDaniel Manor

Regular readers know I’ve often discoursed on the nature of Leftism, or as I’ve recently come to call it, Democrat/Socialist/Communist –D/S/C–philosophy.  I’ve come to this acronym because the contemporary Democrat Party is almost entirely socialist, with small fringes of what might be considered traditional Democrats–people who don’t hate America and Americans with a red, faced, spitting rage–and a growing proportion of dedicated, if increasingly less stealthy, communists.  There is now even a small faction of Islamists.  What is clear about every D/S/C faction is there is no longer any such thing as a Democrat unquestionably loyal to America, a Democrat willing to honor any oath to defend the Constitution, a Democrat that believes for a moment their job is to represent the American people.  How can that be when they believe at least half of America racist, sexist, and every “phobe” or “ist” one can imagine or invent?  Lest…

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