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Remember that Mel Gibson period-piece film, The Patriot, which actually was a rather good, if somewhat inaccurate, stylised portrayal of the battle for American independence in the southern colonies?Do y’all remember that scene where the colonial Congress of South Carolina debated passing a resolution for a Continental Army levee in order to declare war on…

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  1. No sane person relishes war. Yet, if a person and his or her like minded neighbors are repeatedly insulted and discriminated against with no recourse there is little as far as other avenues that will not only demonstrate the degree of dissatisfaction and frustration held by those being victimized.

    The divide we face is more than personal hatred for either Trump of Deplorable nation. The hatred that is being spewed is one that detests our nation as it was founded and the values we held from that time up to the 60’s or so. Those of us who defend those values are the Deplorable nation and we are reviled with increasing intensity by the left.

    I know of few cases where a person who feels they have just beliefs will sit back and be abused forever. When will the tables be turned and the conflict elevated to one of violence of a deadly kind is not known. What is inevitable is that as long as the left keeps up their hatred and discrimination there will be push back of a sort that will leave no question as to the fact that reconciliation is off the table.

    To my friends and fellow patriots of Deplorable Nation, I counsel patience and wait for the left to throw the first blow. While I am totally aware of the frustration we harbor, their frustration is far more palpable and as long as we continue persevering politically we will see them finally show their true colors and use widespread violence in an effort to achieve their goals of domination. The left will resort to violence if they cannot force us to comply and accede to their authority. Patience. Patience.

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