Google ‘Insider’s’ Bombshell Revelation: Big Tech ‘Basically Merges With Democratic Party’ – Report – Sputnik International

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A whistle-blower, reportedly from Google’s corporate ranks, has shared that the company’s policies have drastically changed since 2014, when he first joined the US tech company.

A Google whistle-blower, Greg Coppola has recounted toProject Veritasthe company’s “biased” algorithms and insisted that the tech giant is politically motivated, although it has claimed otherwise. While he underscored his “respect” for his superior in the firm, Google CEO Sundar Pichai, he admitted the chief’s comments on the company’s neutrality are way too far-fetched.

The whistle-blower, who claimed to be based in New York and have worked for Google since 2014, said that there were “a small number of people” who were responsible for promoting certain news websites, primarily left-leaning ones like CNN and The New York Times, over others – the fact that makes it “ridiculous to say that there’s no bias”, Coppola summed up.

“I think everyone who supports anything…

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