Banned science

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

When it doesn’t go their way, it should be a forbidden topic.

It’ll come out eventually. You can’t ban biology. Evolution didn’t stop at the neck and the process is ongoing.

Social engineering is based on a fallacious attempt to view everything as Nurture. Nobody has ever been that dumb. An African can’t randomly give birth to an Asian. Genes exist and they code for many, many things. They don’t want to change their policies, although it would help all groups involved if it conformed better to reality.

“Every part of his argument is attacked: the validity of IQ, the claim that it’s substantially heritable, and the idea that races can be biologically distinguished.”

Attacking an argument (really, they mean shouting down the person) isn’t the same as refuting it.

IQ is the most and only valid construct in psychometrics/psychology. It is the most predictive of life outcomes by…

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