Junk, Budget Builds and Gear Reviews


Allow me to paint in broad strokes. There is the preparedness culture, the gun culture and the training culture. These groups often experience some overlap. You have Preppers who are into guns, but this is usually secondary to them engaging in general preparedness. You often see these folks stock pile lots of ammo and guns (usually budget builds) and can barely use them. These folks are not usually part of the training culture, but exceptions certainly exist.

The gun culture is what I’d say includes everyone from the Fudd on YouTube down to guys who even go to the range frequently. But they rarely have a training plan. They don’t really attend classes aside from maybe a state sanctioned CCW course. They tend to have a bad case of the Dunning Krugers. These are the retreat snipers. The guys who like to go out on the weekend and shoot tin…

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  1. mtnforge says:

    One of the more egregious shortcomings of budget/junk builds is a lack of chrome bores for those intending to use their AR’s as primary combat rifles. Very bad mistake to save $35-$50. Military use of chrome lining goes back to the dawn of smokeless powder ammunition for excellent sound reasons.
    Another overlooked component is a non pinned front sight base/gas block. Non pinned FSB’s tend to fail fail right in the middle of a firefight when you need a functional rifle the most. All that heat & pressure, its a deal killer. Its the thing that separates a true combat grade rifle from all the rest. Its got nothing to do with style of cost. Mil spec is just that. Military Specification. Combat survivability.

    Ask guys like Max Velocity and John Mosby what fails on AR’s, even high end custom jobs, when students are in live fire small unit infantry tactics courses. Those guys don’t lie or bullshit. Look at what they are using. They seen it all shit the bed.

    Light weight barrel profiles will begin to burst, fail just behind the gas block/port at around 350 continuous rounds even with a semi auto. Even if burst or split barrels do not occur, the damage has a terrible effect on accuracy, rendering cheap non chrome lined thin profile barrels total junk.
    Let me tell you, even in a live fire combat course, you can easily burn through 350 rounds in one session. (Look at your stockpile, double it, then double it again. You still do not have enough ammo. Real combat will eat up your ammo so quickly you will have zero ammo after a couple of firefights. That personal load of 320-390 rds of 5.56 can be gone in minutes. Shit, with two 30 rd clips duct tapped navy seal style, those 60 ads are gone in a minute trying to fight out of an ambush. And after all this, you may use every round just to fight out or through, if you live, then all you have is a rifle shaped club.
    10,000 rounds should be the low end of a stockpile. Then there’s caches at tactical points in your AO. You have those don’t you? How you getting more ammo if your house now belongs to some gang or the enemy your fighting? At the min 4 caches, one at each compass point. Your cache has to at least have 600 rds to supply you and your battle buddy for one firefight, spare gear, food, water 1st aid etc.
    Think thats stupid? Or your gonna get battle field pick-up/reloads? What if you don’t? What if you use up your stockpile of 3000 rounds? What if your brother or best friend shows up and he has no ammo? No gear, a cheap polymer lower 80% build with one 30 rd mag and a 60 dollar red dot, no iron backups and a dead battery??? Your fucked. And you have more firefights ahead of you. There is no big green machine to resupply the citizen warrior. No logistics tail that comes from billions in tax money. What if a lucky round drills you in your upper receiver rather than you gut? No armorer with spare receivers, bolts, barrels, stocks etc. No chopper to drop off a palette of ten cases of fresh ammo on strippers. No ammo production/reloading. And battle field pickups? The other guys are going to shoot as many rounds or more than you. And you have to survive, and win, and kill enough of the enemy early enough the KIA have ammo left in their rigs, with enough time before the enemy regroups, back up or follow on troops show up, to be able to have BFP’s to begin with. All this, with no small unit infantry training and practice, with at least a battle buddy never mind some tribe? A cheap non .mil-spec AR?
    When your a partisan/guerrilla your literally an army of one. Logistically wise.
    My wife, Lord bless her and keep her safe, has no conception, even though she trusts me, after she rolls here eyes and says “you bought MOOOORE AMMO!?!?!?” I’ve tried to describe all this to her. It is out of her experience to grasp. My best effort is the simplest. I say better to have it and not need it, than to need it and not have it, to protect you my wife, our family, our home. It is my job as your husband.)
    Even guys I know and respect as fellow men, to them 10,000 rds and 2 back up mil spec AR’s is ludicrous. Shit, they got a .308 bolt gun and 350 ads. A 1911 and 3 7 rd mags, a 50 td box of ball ammo. They truly think that is enough firepower. Nobody is getting close to my house, i’ll pick em’ off before that.
    Its cognitive dissonance. Really. Same with a cheap non chrome lined not mil spec AR. Its literally a demographic which has no clue. They are blissfully ignorant. I’m not being hateful or derogatory. It was one thing when we all had muzzle loaders, everyone was limited to a round a minute give or take of effective fire.
    Holistic CITIZEN combat training like Max Velocity or John Mosby teach. Its not just about getting rounds on target, it is the holistic thing we need to learn and put into effect. Like a true combat grade optic. If you have to sell a kidney, you get one, same with your combat rifle. same with SUT training. same with your preparing and self PT/training. It all goes together. You can not skimp on any aspect here our the whole thing fails.
    You have to commit, bite the bullet and get it together.
    There are no shortcuts or cheaping out.

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