Confession Of A Reluctant Tribalist

Confession Of A Reluctant Tribalist: Jordan Peterson’s ‘Individualism’ Will Kill Western Civ

by Tim Murray

If the Left can’t let go of identity politics, then let me be clear. What comes next is on THEM. A lot of us did not want to live in a world of tribes and we never asked for it…(but) if the Left wants tribes, I am siding with my own tribe.” — Zapollo

I must confess that I am a reluctant tribalist. An ethnocentric Euro-Canadian tribalist at that. A museum piece, if you like. A confirmed individualist mugged by the reality of mass third world immigration. Ignorant, deplorable, detestable and beyond the pale. An atavism that dares to raise his head against the globalist tide. Have I no shame? Imagine, a brazen tribalist in 2018.

As such, I am on the hit list, a list that is getting longer every day. An All Points Bulletin is out, and it warns the innocent that ethno-nationalists are on the loose. But not to worry. With your cooperation they can be doxxed, apprehended, fined, incarcerated, quarantined and silenced. That is what community policing is all about.

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