The Neanderthal correlation

A question of breeding.

“You don’t really want to know,” Beth said, her eyes glancing up from her messy desk to the clock and back down without meeting mine.

“I do want to know,” I insisted. After three years of correlating the reconstructed Neanderthal genome with modern human populations, she had to have found something interesting. The idea had sounded great when she had suggested it, and the grant committee had loved my proposal. But with the final report ten months overdue, they wouldn’t approve any new proposals.

“You’ll wish you hadn’t said that if I tell you,” she said, staring down. “People are going to be upset about this.”

Do read the rest:

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5 Responses to The Neanderthal correlation

  1. a,t &t google keeps stopping the link

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  2. Cyn Bagley says:

    Not that surprised right now lol

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  3. kamas716 says:

    So is Nature now a journal for fiction writers? Or is Hecht a correspondent and also running a genetics lab? Why aren’t there links to the actual research if this supposed to be a replay of a real conversation?

    Nature seems to have fallen a bit since I last looked at it in the ’90s

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    • mtnforge says:

      You mean SJW Converged right?
      The hive mind collective fears the truth as existential, because it is existential to their one big collectivist narrative.

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