Kanye West’s New Song

Kanye West – Ye Vs. The People (Lyrics) Feat. T.I.

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1 Response to Kanye West’s New Song

  1. mtnforge says:

    Kayne could well change the entire dialectic.
    Its no wonder the hive collective is loosing its shit over Kayne busting his slave chains. He could expose them like no one else can for the real white supremacists they are, the real plantation slavery masters.
    When do the black race wake top and take out their slave masters, grow up and go after their one and only true enemy?
    The left created the government slave plantation, just read Clovin/Pivin and the strategy they laid out to destroy America using black chattel slavery along with two genocides, black on black violence which infests every leftist hive mind city, and the baby parts factory called “Planned Parenthood”, the ultimate chattel slavery acquired through making Christianity a pariah, and creating a fatherless race of self inflicting genocide called abortion.

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