An Essay on the Second Amendment: Part Three- Rights Remain as Times Change

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1 Response to An Essay on the Second Amendment: Part Three- Rights Remain as Times Change

  1. mtnforge says:

    The US Constitution for all its wart’s and good aspects, has only lasted long as it had because of the property ownership clause called the 2nd Amendment.
    The 2nd Amendment stipulates the primal ownership rights to personal property are inviolate. And the use of that property is at the sole discretion of the people. No. One. Else. Nothing. Else.
    Our arms, swords pistols rifles shotguns, etc are our property. That is the first thing.
    It matters not even a hoot what anyone or anything says about it, even those who own weapons. That is how inviolate this clause is.
    That it has nothing to do with ink on a piece of parchment, and everything to do with a battle incessant from the time of the birth of the human race. Indeed, the moment the clause was immortalized for all to see by all who before had struggled and paid for its inherent idea of self defense with any & all weapons, is the moment tyrants and tyranny was put on notice they and it would not stand.
    The eventual outcome goes like this, it is inevitable: The exact opposite motive power will be created in logarithmic scale in appropriate portion against the hoplophobe’s as they extend & squander what little political power in overreach as they attempt to “outlaw” private property and “people” who own that specific personal property, which purpose of said property is to protect and defend both the same property & people to begin with.
    It is not our rifles they want to take.
    It is us as free and self determining men they hope to outlaw, otherwise known as Genocide.
    Our rifles are only as dangerous a deterrent & bulwark against tyrants as the Men of The West who are brave enough to not be denied their God given primal birth right to Arms.

    Once the 2nd Amendment was established as a clause of right to arms and property, there was no stuffing this inalienable concept of sovereign natural rights back in its bottle.
    Nothing else within that parchment means anything without the 2nd Amendment.
    Everything, all the Amendments, good or bad notwithstanding, all the precepts and actualization, would not exist here right now today if not for that one simple clause about property shall not be infringed.

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