But progressivism is the terror

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

It destroys the world and kills every culture it touches.

It drags down the highest tech societies.

Materialism + Hedonism + Equalism* = Progressivism.

*”Liberal Creationism”


Survival instinct is the worst signal to them, that you don’t self-hate, that you want to preserve something good, that you don’t want to go down with the poorly constructed ship.

We have lemmings, laughing as they jump off a cliff.

The muddled view of Westerners has been to decide to aggressively evangelize the world to adhere to the progressive faith….

Perhaps the more significant (and even darkly amusing) issue is that slave raids are now common enough in England that the government bothered to produce a report about it which claimed that the practice was pervasive throughout Northern Europe. It’s not so much that Westerners can’t be roused to action on behalf of foreigners in distant lands — they can’t even be…

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4 Responses to But progressivism is the terror

  1. mtnforge says:

    The Human Extinction Movement.

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  2. mtnforge says:

    Diversity is dress rehearsal for civil/class war.

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    • mobiuswolf says:

      One might even say, staging.

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      • mtnforge says:

        Yeah, definitely.
        We gets to see how far they go before backing off, like they do as a strategy to pluck the goose one feather at a time.
        Really like to know the actors who are the system of control, its patently obvious we are witnessing dis-armament astro-turf after the false flag events.
        Though this last series of escalation of dis-armament has historical features of old Soviet Bolshevik get the Kulaks about it. They are upping the use of violently radicalized dupes, a feature of/evolution of anti-fa. Seems like this got going in earnest in Charlottesville last summer.
        Summer is almost here. Thats when the idiocy cranks up in the northern half of the country. Alt-Right has evolved too, so I’m wondering what straw-men de jour they have planned. Plain Ol’ armed American’s as terrorists? Hi octane attempts to ostracize the same.
        Look like they are testing how far they can push and gain small ground, constantly.
        They sure look like they are skirting around unintended consequences of pushing too far.
        Thats the game with the Hoplophobes, always been.
        At some point they may loose control of their more radical violent sycophants, then again they may try a limited armed kinetic violence test and we all get to see what our primal rights to violent redress creates.

        In anycase they are running out of plausible deniability, their fake media is a wide spread popular joke, if what Q is telling us is true they are running out of time and the Overton window keeps moving away from them. The power elements of the globalists are facing wide spread Nationalism. Lot of stuff in flux.
        We have the advantages it is we who must be dis-armed, a very tall task and a steep greasy scope on a logarithmic slope.
        Not for nothing, an attempt to dis-arm the properly and rightfully armed is a commie fantasy. Don’t mean they won’t try it.
        Lot of cold anger in flyover nation banked up.

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