Defending the 2nd Amendment……

A little wake up call.

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Recently, there has been quite a lot written in defense of the Second Amendment. Some of those defenses have been quite good, but what is most remarkable to me is that I have not found one that makes the case as the American Founders would have. Perhaps some did, and I simply failed to find them.

On one side of the debate, there is the left. The Founders’ understanding is certainly not to be found there. The left rejects the thinking of the Founders and is determined to take the Founders’ republic down. On the other side, the defenders of the Founders do not even use the language of the Founders – and do not seem to realize how far afield they have wandered. James Madison, who drafted the Second Amendment, would be astonished by this strange post-constitutional, even post-American, debate.

How would any of the Founders have made the…

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