Why mockery?

The battlefield illuminated. (an oldy but goody)

Philosophies of a Disenchanted Scholar

I was listening to the interview of Bill Whittle by Stefan Molyneux, and near the end (1:07ish) something stuck out about r-types.

Something they didn’t know, but I do.

eric ooh aah umm uhuh play dumb smile laugh evil grinmfw

Let me help you gentlemen. Their psyche is feminized. Not feminine, not a slight on women (after all, I am one), but femin-ized, allowing them to ape dumb women as useful idiots by playing One of Us. This is how they grew the (Welfare) State.

From the video: They were wondering how they could reason with the Left and get through to them on the situation and the dangers and consequences of their actions within enough time to avert the course for disaster.

I had to laugh at the naivety. Many brilliant people can’t feign idiocy long enough to understand their position, to feel it from the inside like an actor wearing a character mask…

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