We Are Living In A Dream World?: QANON & The Evil Underground Systems Developed To Spy On & Keep The dirt people Divided

No such thing as conspiracies…  or theories.  ;o)   m

Q and his trail of “breadcrumbs” lead us to many things. The 1 world order is loosing its powers to control “the sheep”.

If you have curiosity start here. At first much will not make sense. Yet all the clues are before you already. You just haven’t realized they are clues right in the open. Q and the ANON’s 8channel thread here: QANONPOSTS

The root pattern that is the truth of how and why we are manipulated into staying divided in culture and politics is in the various popular engineered technical platforms of social networking systems ability to data mine the fabric of our unique American culture & civilization, then using this data to maintain viability of various systems of control. It is actually a new form of imposing totalitarianism. Basically the internet is a platform from which various “Trojan Horse” intelligence programs mine every erg of data from which maps of collective and singular activity can then be discerned. That is the “conspiracy”, that isn’t a conspiracy at all. It is all technically very complicated systems that collect the most basic elements of human activity from which a “map” is created and or specific activity, thought, and opinion is surmised, and a picture is created for dissemination for more or different instruments of control.

Is it all “Conspiracy”, or is it “Conspiracy Fact”? I believe it is whats called conspiracy theory. The logic of determining validity of scientific theory goes something like this: If a scientific theory of say laws of physics, like Einstein’s Theory General Relativity is falsifiable, it is proven it is not false theory. That strikes you as kind of counterintuitive, right? The idea here is if it is a false theory to begin with, it can not be falsified. Well lets apply that to “conspiracy’s” which abound about the “deep state”, or its parent agenda the globalists 1 World Order, (which in themselves are called by their proponents involved in foisting and imposing these systems of tyranny “conspiracy theories”, like the “illuminati, “Bilderburgs, or the Rothschild family of the so called “12 Banking Families” constituting the Federal Reserve, which is said to be neither “Federal” nor a “Reserve,” run by these private banking cartels). It gets complicated in a hurry, and it is easy to loose the forest for the trees here. That is a characteristic of such “hidden” power, it is out in the open for all to see, yet it is such an “outlier”, a concept which defies the normative generally accepted Norms of accepted “fact” held by millions upon millions of dirt people.

via We Are Living In A Dream World?: QANON & The Evil Underground Systems Developed To Spy On & Keep The dirt people Divided

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