A poke at the Pope.

Is The Vatican A Wing Of The Cabal?

It seems so:

The president of the Polish bishops’ conference cautioned Polish and Hungarian political leaders against fostering nationalism and xenophobia as both countries face European Union sanctions over their alleged authoritarian direction.

Archbishop Stanislaw Gadecki of Poznan acknowledged that patriotism “characterizes our nations and is a great value,” but urged vigilance so that patriotic values do not “give rise to … contempt for others.”

“Given our common history, we should strive to be linked not just by a shared past, but also by a shared future,” Gadecki said in his homily March 23 at a Mass for Polish-Hungarian Friendship Day in St. Michael Cathedral in Veszprem, Hungary.

You get the same thing from the Pope.

Notice the unified messaging between the media, the governments, and even the Vatican, all pursuing the same objective.

It makes sense. The Roman Empire’s leadership was insanely rich, powerful, and intelligence-oriented for the time.


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