Every Word Liberals Say About Guns Is A Lie…

Trigger Reset

Let’s start out with a basic premise – if you are a healthy, law-abiding American citizen you should own, and be proficient with, effective firearms and have sufficient ammunition on hand to act to defend yourself, your family, your community, and your Constitution.

That’s what free people do.

Of course, it’s the people who don’t have those tools – backed up by the random goofy vet who tweets pics of himself turning in his personal weapons to baffled and embarrassed law enforcement officers – who want to take your firearms from you. Which presents certain practical difficulties when push comes to shove.

Wait, no, that’s crazy talk. No one wants to take your guns! No one! Stop talking crazy like that because it’s crazy! 

And that sign the weirdo at the March for Fewer Rights is holding that says “Harry Potter Would Ban Assault Weapons”? What sign? This is just…

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6 Responses to Every Word Liberals Say About Guns Is A Lie…

  1. mtnforge says:

    They always lie, about everything. Look at the Congress, plausible deniability is inbred in the sonofabitches.

    Then there’s this cosmic insanity, or astro-turf purposefully intended to shit stir.

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    • mobiuswolf says:

      My question about Garvey, did he choose evil or is he just really stupid? All of them, in fact, though it’s surely some of both. Problem is, if the stupid ones don’t smarten up they’ll just have to be lumped in.


      • mtnforge says:

        Either way, its about survival of the fittest and self destructive delusions. Not for nothing, for a guy who can put it in such a light, and express himself rather well, regardless of the extremism he displays, you would think he had enough smarts to figure the death which factor.
        Personally, nobody writes like that unless its to produce a fake-something by an agent provocateur to stir up the useful idiots. Something about it ain’t right. Thats my instincts talking. Its a put on. I smell a rat. The tell for me is this guy is playing the victim. Victim of what? Its too pat and too convenient. In this age, there are no spontaneous, unrelated, grass roots, actors on the left. How can there be, when all they have is something so despicable it requires an ocean of lies and dissimulation to con and brainwash millions to sign up for membership in the human extinction movement, and ultimately control of the gun.
        Because a cake made of shit with buttercream frosting is still a cake made of shit.

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        • mobiuswolf says:

          “How can there be…” good point, KEY point


          • mtnforge says:

            Really. In relative terms, most good people want to trust others, its basic good human nature. Because there is way more good people than bad. Like islam, marxism, what have you, they are all basically criminal organizations. You got to lie deceive and con people. There’s always people who like being victims, ones who are sadists. Then there’s SJW’s. Now that is a special group of psychopaths you ask me. That is about power over others. Its intoxicating. Sick for sure. Power & Victimhood. Highly addictive.

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