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Imagine lying asleep in your house, dreaming of something pleasant. Unknown to you, your house is on fire, but this is an invisible fire that leaves no traces others can see. You wake up, certain the house is on fire, but everyone else in your family insists that everything is fine. A paralytic indecision results.

The change in attitude from being in the modern dream to opposing it can only be described as an awakening. While in the modern dream we labor for a laundry list of “issues” and “concerns,” the awakening launches us into an awareness of one solitary issue, which is survival. When the root of your civilization is rotted, the only concern can be fixing it.

For those who do awake, a baffling decision awaits: we live in a time of trends, when getting enough people to buy/vote/repeat a meme determines whether we succeed. But re-inventing a civilization requires more depth than that, and is not as easy as a revolution, where you unite people by a negative mantra and have them form a military lynch mob to overthrow your leaders.

The task before you is to make a society based around a singular principle, which leads to a goal, values system and culture in common. Our society as it stands now is composed of the exact opposite principle: no goal, but we facilitate any idea except that which opposes our society’s design. These two are opposite extremes and as time goes on, we see how our current civilization’s design brings out viciously enduring problems, like a cancer.

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