Are we all nuts?

You’d have to be crazy to want to be free! m

The Price of Liberty

By Nathan Barton

Recently, a popular conservative political website interpreted a recent article published by the American Psychiatric Association to say that one in four – 25% – of Americans are mentally ill.  Although not explicit, I can see why they would take the statement that a quarter of all primary care patients have mental illnesses (conditions) even though only a third of those are actually diagnosed.  Since (theoretically and officially) virtually all of us are “primary care patients” (we see a doctor, PA, or nurse about something now or then, even if just a check-up or a flu shot), the one-in-four number rings true.

And consider: unlike real medical doctors, psychiatrists and psychologists do not have the entire human race as their potential source of patients. (That is, people who they are paid to serve.) It is only people who have mental (including emotional) problems that are their natural…

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