What are we fighting for?

The Curmudgeon

Vacaville, CA.: She is walking her dogs, smiling at the thought of an intimate lunch with her husband when she gets home–he has just retired. As she approaches the house, she barely even notices the nondescript sedan with government license plates parked in the driveway, until her gaze shifts to the front door and the 3 men in Army dress uniforms with the yellow horsehead patch on their left shoulders standing in the threshold, talking to her husband. “No! No! No!” she screams, and runs towards them, waving her hands as if to make the whole scene disappear, before collapsing into her husband’s arms.

Midland, TX.: A woman is addressing a package to her son-in-law in Iraq, when she notices a similar nondescript sedan pull up, and she knows what it means even before the 3 men with the same patch get out. But her daughter answers the door…

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  1. Foxfier says:

    For Iraq? Among other things, because we’d repeatedly promised that we would, if he didn’t meet his agreements.
    Because he was at war with us, and we finally did anything about it.
    Because he did, in fact, have WMDs, and used them on his own people– and was trying to get nukes, on top of it. Don’t forget the actively paying for terrorism acts, which you can find even in the New York Times.

    For Afghanistan? Same reason you clean up gang-flops.

    The secondary reasons are far more numerous, but not hard to find. Even after, once again, the folks who insisted that we must lose went full Vietnam to waste the sacrifices of those who knowingly volunteered to take the risk. Just like I did. Just like my husband did. Just like my brother is still doing. Just like many of the rest of my family.

    Getting kind of tired of people deciding they get to draft me against what those guys died for, no matter what political side they claim.

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  2. mobiuswolf says:

    I certainly don’t question the motives of our guys, politicians don’t get the same respect.
    Their motives should be questioned extensively.
    I thank you for your family’s service.


    • Foxfier says:

      Politicans can always have questionable motives– but that article’s a full-on drafting of the dead for “hey, let’s quit.”

      That could be me in those those stories. The folks whose most painful day was granted to the news– could be going along, then be slapped with not only that memory, but some cynical SOB drafting their dead against the cause they died for.

      A rational argument would be one thing; an emotional argument, using their deaths? That is…. *shudder*


      • mobiuswolf says:

        I think he’s just questioning whether the cause he fought for, was the cause he thought it.
        Valid question.


        • Foxfier says:

          If he had questioned the reasons, that would be valid.

          He didn’t question it.

          He stated their deaths, and that was his argument. Didn’t even bother to try to find out what they believed was worth dying for– didn’t even mention them, actually. Only showed their families in pain, and that was his argument against their deaths.

          Because those of us who sign up, we’re too stupid to know that we might die, and think about what happens then. (had someone try that on my mom, after 9/11. She responded in a very reserved manner– didn’t maim them at all.)

          The dead soldiers were nothing more than props for what he wanted to say. Just like the journalists that threw a fit when they had to get family’s permission to take pictures of the caskets.

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        • Foxfier says:

          Imagine that he had posted stories of people finding out their child was killed in a car accident.

          Then followed up by asking:
          “What are we driving for?”

          See how much nonsense that is?


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