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So riddle me this.  When is it that ‘news’ ceases to be ‘news’ and becomes nothing but propaganda in the purest form?  And is it any wonder that it’s nearly every day that we hear just how little faith the majority of the American people now have in those who are still somehow see themselves as being the ‘watchdogs of our democracy”?  And it’s also, with each passing day, that we have those who routinely describe themselves as ‘journalists’, all vying to see just who it is that can tell the biggest whopper and therefore come out looking like the biggest hack.

And it was as recent as yesterday that that well-known purveyor of ‘fake news’, the Crappy News Network’s Jim Acosta, in an effort to spread a bit more fake news, actually went so far as to claim America has witnessed “1,552 mass shootings” since the heinous attack on…

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