As We End This Year, We Still Hear of Officers Down In the Line Of Duty

As We End This Year, We Still Hear of Officers Down In the Line Of Duty


Here Is A Tribute To All Officers Who Took An Oath To Protect and Serve



Because They Deserve To Hear We Care

When people need help, they call  — not their neighbor, not their relative — but a group of dedicated men and women who respond whether they want to or not, who go toward danger to save lives rather than run away, who take an oath of honor to protect and serve not because they enjoy the power trip or adulation but because someone needed to respond and they felt called to help.

When they go through academy, they are given a lot of instructions and training but nothing can possibly prepare them for a single day on duty when people scream vile accusations, when a baby dies in their arms because of some demented person, when someone is found wandering beaten and broken in spirit far from home, when a bleeding broken body is pulled from a vehicle, or a dozen other things that they face each day.

Citizens can not possibly understand unless they walk in the shoes and wear the uniform.

In the last eight years, we have watched as the last administration ignored, scoffed at, incited bad behavior, and plunged our enforcement into a nightmare of death and fear. Yet they continued every day to do what they must to keep our people and property safe and secure.

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